5 Ways To Save Money on Your Custom Apparel Order


October 6, 2023


October 5, 2023


Ways To Save Money on Your Custom Apparel Order
Ways To Save Money on Your Custom Apparel Order

Hey buddy, ain’t there just a buzz of excitement when you’re getting set to whip up or unwrap some spanking custom clothes? It’s like throwing your personality out there on a tee – perhaps it’s a bit of your brand’s sass, a dash of celebration vibes for some big deal event, or just you playing around, creating a piece that screams “you”.

But hold up, we all been there, ain’t we? You’re sitting there, all starry-eyed over these bespoke beauties, but then you peep the price tag and your wallet just starts sobbing quietly. You get to scratching your head, thinking, “Yo, how do I keep it fab without the drab cost?”

Hold tight now, because guess what? We got some tea to spill! You absolutely can be all about the benjamins and still get custom wears that are all shades of awesome. No hocus pocus, no shady dealings, just a couple of smart moves and bam! You’re saving coins like a pro while getting a piece that makes your heart do a little happy dance.

Now, before we deep dive into the pool of “saving grace”, you gotta know the deets, the behind-the-scenes factors that jack up the price on those custom tees. It’s like having a treasure map, with you steering the ship, avoiding the rocks and whirlpools that want to sink your budget. Whether you’re an old hand at this or just dipping your toes in, this here’s your treasure map.

And we ain’t just talking about pointing out the cost monsters. Nope, we’re tossing at you – not one, not two, but five flaming hot, fresh out of the oven, crispy tips to keep some green while getting the custom gear of your dreams. These ain’t no complicated, need-a-degree-to-understand tips. They’re simple, easy as pie, and darn effective for crafting pieces that are not just unique but make you and your wallet equally gleeful.

So, get all snuggled in, maybe grab a snack, ’cause we’re about to spill all the secrets on how to ball on a budget with your next custom apparel project. Savings train coming through, choo choo!

How much do custom T-shirts cost?

If you’re in the market for custom T-shirts, you’ve probably noticed that the prices can be all over the map. Let’s try to dissect why that’s the case.

Firstly, the type of shirt you choose plays a crucial role in determining its cost. There are shirts out there for every budget, from basic, more affordable options to premium shirts crafted from the finest materials. If you opt for higher-end shirts, expect them to be not only more comfortable and durable but also pricier. These high-quality shirts often boast a better fit and feel, giving that extra bit of luxury and comfort to the wearer.

Design complexity is another big player in the cost game. If you’re going for a simple, one-color design, your wallet will thank you. The more colors and details you add, the more the price ticks up. It’s not just about the ink; it’s also about the time, effort, and technology required to accurately replicate your glorious design on the fabric. The intricacy of the design and the number of colors used can significantly impact the cost due to the additional labor and materials involved.

And speaking of colors, the printing technique chosen is vital too. Different methods have different price points. For instance, screen printing might be cost-effective for large orders, but if you have a small batch of shirts with a multitude of colors, direct-to-garment printing might be the way to go. Each technique has its pros and cons in terms of cost, quality, and suitability for different types of designs, so do your homework.

Don’t forget the power of buying in bulk. Most suppliers offer sweet discounts when you order a larger number of shirts. It’s a classic case of the more, the merrier – and cheaper! So, if you have the opportunity to buy more shirts at once, perhaps consider it. This approach could be particularly beneficial for businesses, event organizers, or anyone in need of a substantial number of shirts.

Now, onto the supplier factor. Not all suppliers are created equal. Some are known for delivering top-notch quality and have the price tags to match, while others might offer competitive, budget-friendly prices. The supplier’s reputation, location (think: manufacturing costs, shipping fees), and customer service level all intertwine to influence the final cost of your custom T-shirts. Do some sleuthing and find a supplier who offers the right balance of price and quality that suits your specific needs.

But wait, there’s more! When you think you have the final price, there might be additional features or services that could add to the cost. Need your shirts in the blink of an eye? Rush orders will cost you extra. Fancy some specialty inks for a unique finish? That’ll be additional. Want to remove the manufacturer’s tag to replace it with your own? Yep, you guessed it, extra charge. Be sure to clarify all these details with suppliers upfront to sidestep any nasty surprises when the bill comes.

5 Tips for Saving Money On Your Next Custom T-Shirt Order

Ways To Save Money on Your Custom Apparel Order 2

1. Choose the Right Products

Alright, first things first – picking the right tee is crucial, not just for quality but also for your wallet! Tees are made from all sorts of stuff, and the material and quality vary big time. Each type will hit your pocket differently. You gotta be smart about this – grab a tee that sits well with the bucks you wanna spend and the quality you’re eyeing.

Avoid tossing money on pricy tees that don’t bring anything extra to the table unless, of course, they’ve got some special vibe or value that you’re totally digging. If it’s just about having something decent to wear without breaking the bank, there are plenty of options out there that won’t leave your wallet crying.

Think of it this way: it’s like going grocery shopping. You wouldn’t buy caviar if you’re cool with some tasty tuna, right? Same deal with tees. Don’t spend more than you need, but also don’t go so cheap that you’re compromising the quality you want. Find that sweet spot – a tee that gives you the bang for your buck without skimping on the good stuff you’re after!

2. Increase Your Quantity

Hey there, wanna save some cash? Bulk buying is your buddy! The more tees you snatch, the less you’ll splash per piece. It’s an oldie but goldie money-saver. So, if you’re planning a mega event or running a big group that needs loads of shirts, this trick’s for you. Suppliers usually toss in quantity discounts, meaning the price per shirt drops as you pile more into your cart. Stock up and watch the savings roll in! Perfect for those grand gatherings or organizations where a sea of shirts is on the shopping list. Happy saving!

3. Reduce the Number of Print Locations

Hey, more printing spots on your tee means more cash outta your pocket! So, why not shrink your design to fewer spots and save some green? Think about rocking a cool design on the front and maybe chill on the back and sleeve prints. This way, your shirt still looks fly without you having to break the bank. Remember, it’s all about getting that dope look for less! Less is more when you’re balling on a budget, and your tee can still turn heads without prints all over the place. Keep it simple, keep it cheap!

4. Choose the Right Print Method

Yo, picking the right print method is crucial! Look, costs differ a lot here. If you’ve got a big order, screen printing is probably your go-to—it’s way cheaper. But if you’re working with smaller, detailed designs, you might wanna check out direct-to-garment printing. It could be the better option for you. So, before you drop any cash, do your homework and figure out which technique vibes with your design and won’t bust your wallet. This way, you’ll get the best bang for your buck, no doubt!

5. Reduce the Number of Ink Colors

So the number of ink colors you splash into your design? Big deal, cause it jacks up the cost like crazy! Each extra shade needs its own screen or setup, stacking up the price tag. My advice? Chill on the color count. Not only does it save you some precious cash, but your design will also look slick, tight, and way more put together with fewer colors doing the magic. So, be a savvy saver and a design rockstar all at once – cut down on those colors!


Looking to save some cash on your custom gear without ditching quality or style? No worries, it’s totally doable! Understand how the bucks break down, make some savvy choices, and watch the savings roll in while still getting those snazzy custom tees you’re after.

Those five killer tips we talked about? Golden. Plug them into your ordering routine and see smoother, thriftier purchases flying your way. Picking the right gear, nailing the quantity, getting crafty with designs, and being smart with printing can each sling some savings your way.

So, next time you’re about to drop some coin on custom threads, keep these handy-dandy saving tips in mind to squeeze every bit of value out of your hard-earned dollars. Happy designing, and here’s to keeping a little extra green in your pocket!