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Pocket Shirt Reviews

Pocket Shirt Reviews

Custom pocket shirts allow for minimalistic customization, giving brands the opportunity to showcase what they’re all about while still maintaining a degree of professionalism.

With various materials and styles available, pocket shirts are one of the most popular apparel options, and print companies make it easier than ever to showcase your brand or build a successful e-commerce business.

But where do you start? More importantly, how can you separate the great custom apparel companies from the bad ones?

T-Shirt Reviews is here to take the hard work away from you with a range of reviews, hot tips, and guides on everything related to custom apparel.

So, sit back and relax as we dive into customized pocket shirts.

What are custom pocket shirts?

Custom pocket shirts are traditional button-up shirts or t-shirts with a pocket on the chest, which acts as a canvas for personalized designs.

The pocket sometimes uses the same fabric as the rest of the shirt or a different material to create visual interest and enhance the overall design.

There are plenty of different pocket shirt styles to choose between, including:

Basic pocket tee

Basic pocket tees are the most popular type of pocket shirt, with a single patch pocket on the chest. It’s usually made of a soft, comfortable fabric like cotton and comes in a range of colors and patterns.

Pocket tees have different styles, including crew neck, long sleeves, or sleeves cut off at the shoulders. You can also choose a more relaxed fit, which gives the tee a casual look.

Button-Down pocket shirt

Similar to a basic pocket tee, this style has a button-down front and a pocket on the chest. It offers a more formal or structured look compared to a regular tee.

Flap pocket shirt

Instead of a simple patch pocket, a flap pocket shirt has a pocket with a flap covering it. The flap usually has a button or Velcro to secure it and create a more uniform look.

Double pocket shirt

As the name suggests, these shirts feature two pockets on the chest, either side by side or stacked on each other. They offer a slightly different aesthetic and more storage options.

Utility pocket shirt

Often seen in workwear or military-inspired clothing, a utility pocket shirt has multiple pockets of various sizes on the front.

These pockets are functional and allow for easy storage of small items or tools, but they’ve become a fashion statement in recent years.

Contrast pocket shirt

In this style, the pocket stands out from the rest of the shirt due to a contrasting fabric or color. It adds visual interest and can be a way to incorporate patterns or textures into the shirt design.

Rib-knit collar pocket shirt

A rib knit collar pocket shirt features a pocket on the chest and a rib knit collar. The term “rib knit” refers to a specific type of fabric construction that creates a textured, stretchy pattern.

Rib knit collars usually have the same fabric as the rest of the shirt, providing a snug and comfortable fit around the neckline.

Why choose custom pocket shirts?

With so many customizable apparel options, knowing where to start is hard. Pocket shirts offer a range of benefits and can help brands showcase their identity without losing sight of their professionalism.

Let’s look at some reasons you might want to choose pocket tees.

Unique style

Custom pocket shirts allow brands to stand out from their competitors and make a statement. Whether it’s a logo or slogan, these shirts are the perfect backdrop to showcase your designs.

Team spirit

Many businesses use pocket shirts for uniforms, which are popular with sports teams. Because the clothing looks so professional, it’s ideal for creating a sense of employee pride.

Memorable souvenirs

Custom pocket shirts make excellent keepsakes for special events, reunions, or fundraising campaigns. Giving them away at an event will keep your brand in people’s minds and could potentially drive more business.

Get the best custom pocket tees with T-Shirt Reviews

The most important thing with custom apparel is ensuring each product is of great quality. Unfortunately, design and printing companies aren’t all made equal, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get what you pay for.

That’s where T-Shirt Reviews comes in. We scour the internet and analyze each company, ensuring you get the best possible service.

Here are some of our favorite custom apparel providers that will give you just what you need – and much more.

VistaPrint is one of the world’s most renowned custom apparel providers and a business favorite.

The company offers a vast selection of items, including pocket tees and jackets. With top reviews and speedy delivery, you can trust VistaPrint to deliver consistently.

Designhill differs slightly from traditional print companies because it focuses on the design process. Customers can post a job, view applicants, or contact designers directly to turn their ideas into viable products.

If design isn’t your thing, Designhill can remove the stress of creating custom apparel and give you high-quality graphics.

Printify is ideal for e-commerce companies, as the platform offers dropshipping features. You design the pocket tees, and Printify will dispatch them on your behalf.

The main benefit of this is it makes setting up a business more accessible, as you don’t need a physical location to store and ship products.

Design options for custom pocket shirts

When creating your custom pocket shirt, you have various design options to explore, including fabrics and fits. Before jumping into the design process, you should consider these factors.

The fabric

Choose the fabric for your pocket shirt based on the desired look and comfort. Cotton blends are popular for casual and everyday wear, while premium fabrics like linen or silk can elevate the shirt’s overall appeal.

One of the most popular blends is cotton and polyester, combining cotton’s softness with polyester’s moisture-wicking abilities.

Some apparel providers also offer eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or hemp fabric, ideal for sustainability-focused businesses.

Pocket placement

You’ll also need to think about pocket placement and where you’d like to place them for maximum impact. Most shirts have a single pocket on the left or right side of the chest, but you can also experiment with asymmetrical or multiple pockets for a unique touch.

Embroidery and printing

Perhaps the most crucial consideration is whether you’re going to print or embroider the shirts. Embroidery is perfect for pocket shirts because it creates a 3D effect and adds texture to the design.

If you choose the printing route, we recommend screen printing or DTG (Direct to Garment) printing to ensure a good quality finish.

Logo and artwork placement

Position your logo or artwork thoughtfully on the pocket, and ensure it’s visible and well-proportioned to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the shirt. People need to see the design, but you don’t want it to take over the entire tee.

Length and shape

Everyone has a favorite t-shirt style; pocket shirts come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Regular Length: Regular-length pocket shirts typically fall around the waistline or slightly below. They provide a balanced and classic look for most casual occasions.

  • Extended Length: Extended-length pocket shirts are designed to be longer, often reaching the hips or mid-thigh. The style is popular in streetwear or tall sizes and can create a more relaxed and trendy silhouette.

  • Cropped Length: Cropped pocket shirts are cut shorter than regular-length shirts, ending above the waistline. The style can be flattering and is excellent for a playful, fashion-forward appearance.

  • Straight Fit: Pocket shirts with a straight fit are more boxy and relaxed. They offer a comfortable and casual look, with the fabric draping loosely over the body, making them a good work shirt option.

  • Slim Fit: Slim-fit pocket shirts have a tight and streamlined shape. They hug the body more closely, providing a sleek and modern appearance.

  • Loose Fit: Loose fit pocket shirts have a generous and oversized silhouette with a larger neck opening. They offer a relaxed and comfortable style, often associated with a laid-back or bohemian aesthetic.

  • Tapered Fit: Tapered fit pocket shirts have a narrow waist and broad shoulders, creating a defined and structured look and emphasizing the body’s shape.

  • Asymmetrical or Draped: Some pocket shirts feature asymmetrical or draped designs. These shirts have uneven hemlines or fabric draping that creates visual interest. 

How T-Shirt Reviews works

Whether looking for pocket shirts or other tees, our website is the go-to place for no holds barred information. Our mission is to help individuals and businesses utilize custom apparel and reap the rewards it offers.

In just three steps, you could be on your way to ordering stunning apparel that resonates with your target audience.

Step One: The search

Get your fingers tapping that keyboard and type in a search term (for example, custom pocket tee provider). Our website will bring you a range of results, from guides to reviews and top-rated companies.

Step Two: Look at the findings

Once you get the results, look through them and give yourself time to think about your preferred company. For example, some custom apparel printers operate exclusively in Canada, so checking our full reviews before placing an order is essential.

Step Three: Enjoy your new apparel

When that apparel finally arrives (and won’t be long), you can decide what to do with it and enjoy selling products or building your brand.


There’s no right or wrong answer here, but many would agree that the cotton shirt offers the most comfortable fit. However, combining cotton with polyester creates a relaxed fit and keeps wearers cool during warm weather.

Many customization platforms and print shops offer bulk orders for custom pocket shirts, allowing you to save money while still getting some great pocket t-shirt designs.

The turnaround time can vary depending on the customization platform, print shop, or designer.

Some designs are more complex, such as having different embroidery on each chest pocket, so it’s best to inquire about the estimated timeframe before placing your order.

You can combine different customization techniques like embroidery and printing to achieve the desired effect on your custom pocket shirt.

While the pocket area is the main focus for custom designs, you can explore other areas of the shirt for additional elements. Discuss your design requirements with the customization platform or designer to explore all available options.

It entirely depends on the apparel provider you choose. For example, some might offer XS to 4XL sizes, while others will be more limited. Check before you make an order because it’s best to provide a range of sizes.

With all the colors available, it’s easy to get carried away – but your shirts should align with your brand’s identity. Ultimately, the perfect choice of colors will be the combination that authentically represents your brand.

Reviewing the best custom apparel suppliers worldwide