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custom tunics

Custom Tunics

The overlooked clothing item that oozes professionalism 

Custom tunics are a very overlooked – but versatile – clothing option. Combining comfort and style, tunics are suitable for casual and professional attire. In terms of customization, tunics are a flexible solution to all your design needs.

Whether you choose to sell the tops to customers or use them for work, T-Shirt Reviews has everything you need to know about these understated apparel options.

Our website is dedicated to the world of custom clothing, giving you the opportunity to find tunics in a range of sizes and styles.

Why tunic shirts?

Tunic shirts might not seem like the kind of item you’d use for apparel, but they’re a worthy clothing option and have distinct purposes that we can’t ignore.

Whether you want to start your own e-commerce brand or are looking for solutions that ensure you demonstrate professionalism, tunics are ready to help you make a lasting impression.

Demonstrate your professionalism

Tunics enable you to create a professional presence for your business and give your employees a uniform to be proud of. Whether you operate within the healthcare, beauty, or other industries, tunics can also meet various health and safety guidelines.

Also, they’re relatively gender neutral, ensuring everyone feels comfortable wearing them, and many come with breathable materials to prevent overheating or discomfort through a shift.

Go bold and be unique

Finding the right products for your e-commerce brand can be challenging, with many opting for traditional tees, sweaters, or other tops. Tunics are unique clothing items that always sell when offered to the right audience.

Better still, you can use these shirts to create bold patterns and make an impact on potential customers. There are so many tunic styles available for all occasions, including evening wear and maternity tunics, so you’ll have plenty of sales opportunities.

Build stronger relationships with your team

Uniforms allow your employees to feel like they’re part of a team. While standard clothing is fine, creating a sense of belonging among your workers can ensure they perform their duties and demonstrate loyalty to your business.

Many people underestimate the sheer value of adding a personal touch to work uniforms, but a small investment can yield significant results in terms of building a stronger team.

The types of custom tunics available:

Traditional Tunic: Classic, loose-fitting, and with a straight cut, these tunics offer versatility and are highly customizable.

Longline: These tunics often extend below the hips or even to the knees. They provide extra coverage and make good uniforms.

Tunic Dress: Tunic dresses are longer versions of traditional tunics, usually worn as dresses. To create a unique style, you can customize them with necklines, patterns, and sleeves.

A-Line Tunic: A-line tunics fight tightly at the top and gradually flare towards the hem, creating an “A” shape. Flattering and comfortable, these tops suit various body types.

Embroidered Tunic: An embroidered tunic can feature intricate patterns or business logos, making them great uniform options for both men and women.

Printed Tunic: Printed tunics come in a wide range of prints, from florals to geometric patterns. You can customize the print, color scheme, and sleeve length to create a unique look.

Button-Up Tunic: Button-up tunics feature a front button closure, allowing you to customize the type and placement of buttons. They’re often worn open as a layering piece or closed as a standalone top.

Tunic with Pockets: Consider customizing your tunic with pockets for added functionality. These are particularly beneficial for certain professional environments such as healthcare.

The types of crop tops available:

Long-Sleeve Crop Tops: A simple, versatile option that usually features a straight or slightly fitted cut. It pairs well with high-waisted jeans, skirts, or shorts.

Cropped T-Shirt: Resembling a shortened version of a regular t-shirt, this crop top offers a relaxed and casual look. It often comes with various graphics, prints, or slogans.

Off-Shoulder Crop Top: With a wide neckline resting on the shoulders, this crop top adds a boho vibe perfect for a feminine look.

Halter Neck Crop Top: Halters have straps that wrap around the back of the neck, exposing the shoulders and upper back. They offer a mix of elegance and casualness, making halters suitable for various occasions.

Tube Top: A strapless crop top that fits snugly around the bust. It’s a classic style that creates a clean, minimalist look. Tube tops can be dressed up or down depending on the material and accessories.

Cropped Blouse: A more sophisticated version of the crop top, the cropped blouse often features more structured fabrics, buttons, and collars, making it ideal for work or special events.

Ruffled Crop Top: With added ruffles or flounces along the neckline, hem, or sleeves, this crop top adds a playful and feminine touch to any outfit.

Cropped Hoodie: As comfortable and sporty options, cropped hoodies combine the casual feel of a hoodie with the trendy look of a crop top. It’s perfect for athleisure or relaxed streetwear styles.

Cut-Out Crop Top: This edgy style features strategically placed cut-outs, whether at the sides, front, or back. It adds a unique flair to your outfit and showcases a bit of skin.

Lace Crop Top: Often made from delicate lace fabric, this crop top adds romance and elegance to your ensemble.

Why go through T-Shirt Reviews?

We had three questions when we decided to set up T-Shirt Reviews:

  1. Why do so many brands forget that custom apparel is a fantastic promotional tool?

  2. Why is searching for a custom apparel provider so hard?

  3. What do people really want from their design and print partners?

T-Shirt Reviews is here to give you a smooth ride, from using custom apparel to receiving your order. From reviewing providers to sharing our accumulated knowledge, our website is your ultimate resource.

Discover new apparel providers

You probably know of the mainstream apparel companies, but plenty of others are lesser known but still offer plenty of benefits. For example, companies like Coastal Reign have an in-house designer and cost-effective shipping if you live in Canada.

We go out of our way to find every apparel company and review them so our visitors can achieve more with their budget.

Find design inspiration

One of the most challenging areas of custom apparel and uniforms is choosing the right designs to bring them to life. If you’re not artistic or new to customization, you probably feel overwhelmed and desperately need inspiration.

We don’t just review printing companies; our website is full of design service recommendations. These services can help you create epic custom tunics that serve various purposes.

Enjoy informative guides

As specialists in customized clothing and accessories, we have a lot of knowledge between us—but what’s the point of keeping it to yourself? If you need custom apparel support, just head to The Wardrobe and indulge in our collection of guides.

Three steps to getting personalized tunics with T-Shirt Reviews:

  1. The Search: Our search engine has all the information you need to start your search. Simply type in a keywords and let our website do its magic.

  2. Refine Your Results: Once you receive your results, you can narrow them down to a location, style, or color choice.

  3. Order: Head over to your chosen apparel provider and place your order.

Grab your custom apparel today

Ordering customized tunics through T-Shirt Reviews gives you peace of mind that you’ll receive high-quality apparel that aligns with your needs. Our website gives you more choice and the confidence to make decisions that will move your brand further toward its goals.