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The ultimate outerwear item

Custom jackets and coats might not be the first garments that come to mind when looking for custom apparel, but they have numerous benefits for brands. When everyone else focuses on tees and cheaper items, you can make an impact with personalized jackets that reflect your brand.

T-Shirt Reviews is the go-to place for businesses, brands, and fashion designers to succeed with apparel. Our website contains resources, top tips, and everything you need to maximize your budget and create something epic.

Why customized coats?

Customized coats can be an excellent way for brands and businesses to showcase their identity, create a unique style, and promote their products or services. With so many coats to choose between, it’s essential to be aware of the most popular options:

  • Embroidered Coats: Embroidery allows for intricate and detailed designs, making them popular. Whether it’s a long coat or you choose embroidered jackets, they can showcase your logo and are highly functional options.

  • Screen Printed Coats: Screen printing is cost-effective for adding bold and colorful coat designs. You can design custom jackets and use this printing method to bring them to life.

  • Sublimation Coats: Sublimation printing enables all-over, full-color printing, which can create eye-catching and vibrant designs. It’s great for capturing complex artwork and patterns and creating unique branded jackets.

  • Custom Patchwork Coats: Sewn-on patches or badges with the brand’s logo or message can be an excellent way to personalize coats. These patches are ideal for sports teams because they can showcase championships.

  • Branded Workwear Coats: Many businesses in construction, manufacturing, or automotive industries give their employees a personalized jacket. These often feature the company name, logo, and individual employee names.

  • Promotional Coats: Custom coats can have a specific message or theme for promotional giveaways or marketing campaigns to engage customers and create brand awareness.

  • Corporate Gift Coats: These are typically high-quality, stylish coats given to valued clients, partners, or employees as a gesture of appreciation. They often include subtle branding details.

  • Event-Specific Coats: If your brand or business hosts or sponsors events, consider creating custom coats for participants or staff. These coats can serve as memorable souvenirs and boost brand visibility.

  • Collaboration Coats: Collaborating with other brands or artists to create custom coats can be a unique way to expand your reach and tap into new markets.

  • Sports Team Coats: Brands sponsoring sports teams can customize coats with team logos and colors, helping to build a strong connection with fans and reinforce team spirit. Custom team jackets also give athletes a sense of pride.

  • Fashion-Forward Coats: For fashion-oriented brands, creating fashionable coats with unique designs can help establish a strong presence in the industry.

  • Outdoor Coats: Fleece jackets and soft shell jackets are great if you want to create outdoor apparel for your brand. They’re also ideal jacket styles for embroidery.

Going through T-Shirt Reviews saves you time and money

The custom apparel world is full of opportunities, and the sheer volume of companies makes it hard to find one that matches your goals and needs. That’s where our website comes in. We’re not an apparel provider but a dedicated review site.

Here’s how T-Shirt Reviews can benefit your brand.

Complete reviews

When you use T-Shirt Reviews, you can take advantage of complete guides that give you the facts on each apparel provider. Which suits your needs most? Who offers the best prices? Can you create your own jacket without worrying about a minimum order value?

We give you everything you need to find the right custom jacket design and print providers.

Free guides

Yep, our dedicated team also writes guides to help you learn how to make custom apparel work for your brands, and you don’t have to spend anything. These free resources will enable you to maximize your budget and enjoy learning about the world of custom apparel.

Three simple steps for securing apparel

Our website enables you to use a search bar to generate the most relevant results. However, you can filter the results with just one jacket, as many providers have a minimum quantity clause.

Once you find the right provider, you can visit the website and place your order. We make sourcing custom apparel a straightforward process that guarantees zero headaches.

Ready to grab some custom outerwear?

Whether for cold weather or those warmer months, there’s a coat or jacket for all needs. Understanding the design process and various printing methods will enable you to create must-have coats that boost your business.

Start selling today and let T-Shirt Reviews handle the heavy lifting. All you need to worry about is the fun part: getting your amazing jackets.