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Canadian Custom Apparel Reviews

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In today’s highly competitive world, customization and originality are integral to any brand’s success. There are many ways to stand out in even the most crowded markets, but one of the most effective is creating custom clothing.

In Canada, the demand for custom apparel continues to skyrocket, and brands are rising to the occasion. There’s never been a better time to stand out and emphasize what makes your brand memorable—but how do you put your trust in just one apparel printing company?

Well, it’s about choosing a provider that offers endless customization options and value for money. Canadian Custom Apparel is based in Ontario and is one of the country’s better-known design and print companies, but can it deliver what you need?

Find out in our comprehensive, no-holds-barred review.

Canadian Custom Apparel: What's it all about?

So, what does the company offer? Well, it says it’s a one-stop shop for all your apparel printing needs, and there’s certainly a lot on offer. You’ll find plenty of clothing and accessories on the website, including a wide range of custom t-shirts.

There’s also a design lab available and other features that make the platform stand out. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Custom T-shirts

T-shirts are the most popular option for custom apparel because they’re highly versatile and a wardrobe staple. While many other platforms have a variety of custom t-shirts available, Canadian Custom Apparel exceeds all expectations in terms of flexibility.

Choose from various styles for people of all ages, including V-Necks, soft styles, and crew shirts. The platform really shines with its diverse color options, though, which go way beyond the stereotypical shades.

From olive greens to deep purples and even some neon tones, it would be impossible for you not to find the right shade for your brand.

Other apparel options

If you’re looking for variety, you’re in the right place. Canadian Custom Apparel goes way beyond the custom t-shirt, offering everything from custom fleeces and sweatshirts to hats and socks. Customizing apparel from the world’s biggest brands is also possible.

For example, the Adidas collection is ideal for sportswear, including golfing, while you can also customize bomber and denim jackets. If you’re looking for something simple, look at the baseball caps, which make perfect promotional apparel.

Key features

Aside from the extensive collection of apparel options, the platform has some fantastic features that make it stand out from competitors. From a free design lab to numerous printing and shipping options, convenience is what Canadian Custom Apparel excels at.

The design lab

Canadian Custom Apparel offers users a design lab that lets them see how the tee shirt will look before making an order. If you don’t have a custom design, you can create your own by adding typography and icons.

The design lab has a useful typography feature, where users can choose a range of fonts, sizes, and colors, giving you more control over your designs.

You can also choose from some pre-set icons, including nature, funny slogans, and seasonal holiday designs.

However, while the design lab is a good feature, the availability of graphics for niche markets is limited, so you will need your own designs.

Printing options

Unfortunately, some platforms offer limited printing options, but Canadian Custom Apparel focuses on high-quality techniques only. The three main options include:

Screen Printing: This form of printing uses a stencil and machine to push designs onto fabric. It creates a high-quality finish and can handle intricate designs.

DTG Printing: Direct-to-garment printing uses inkjet printing tools to transfer an image onto fabric. It’s the most modern and convenient technique, offering a vibrant finish.

Embroidery: If you want a logo or a small phrase, embroidery offers exceptional quality while creating a more formal aesthetic.

Budget flexibility

What we really love about Canadian Custom Apparel is its budget-friendly services. You can choose between three clothing options, from budget to premium fabrics.

For example, if you’re using tees as promotional items, choosing from the budget range still gives you great quality without the extra price tag.

The premium tees are ideal for customized sportswear and work uniforms for businesses and come in various styles, including baseball-style shirts.

The pros & cons of Canadian Custom Apparel

So, now you know what the platform offers, it’s time to consider whether it’s the right solution for your apparel needs. As with all websites, Canadian Custom Apparel has some drawbacks, but the positives outweigh them.


  • Great Service: The platform takes great pride in its commitment to customers, and with a positive overall customer experience at 98%, it’s clear they’re doing something right.

  • Variety: With so many different styles and colors, even the quirkiest business can create tees that align with its brand identity.

  • Free Shipping: The company will also offer free shipping when you spend over $300. However, the shipping rates are cost-effective even without large orders.

  • Rush Orders: What we love about this printing company is its commitment to customers. If you need a rush order, the team will go out of their way to have it shipped as soon as possible.

  • Refunds: If you’re unhappy with the final product, request a refund or have the company repeat the printing process.


  • Design Lab Limitations: Let’s get one thing straight; the design lab is a great little feature, but it doesn’t have enough graphics for all designs. However, you can upload items yourself.

  • Usability: Some website elements are simple, but they could do with more sections to help people filter clothing items more effectively. Again, not a dealbreaker, but something to consider.

Can Canadian Custom Apparel cut it against other custom clothing competitors?

So, is Canadian Custom Apparel worth your time and money? Absolutely. It’s one of the best places to go if you want to save money on bulk orders, and the printing options mean you’re guaranteed high-quality products.

With most orders arriving within seven days, you can rest assured that you’ll have a great experience. While the initial prices are a bit high, they decrease with bulk orders, saving you more money.

Are there larger companies? Probably—but the speedy turnaround and positive reviews make it well worth your time.

Get your custom t-shirt apparel today

Whether it’s your first order or you’re a regular customer, Canadian Custom Apparel lets you build a better future for your brand or e-commerce business. With budget to premium pricing options and a host of amazing reviews, it’s a company that always delivers.

Check out the site today and get ready to create some awesome apparel. Alternatively, why not check out our other reviews? T-Shirt Reviews is about giving our readers the best possible experience, so look at what’s on offer today.

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