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How to Design and Order Bulk T-Shirts


October 17, 2023


October 17, 2023


Design and Order Bulk T-Shirts

Yo, T-shirt enthusiast! Got a big shindig on the horizon? Maybe you’re rallying your squad for some matching gear? Whatever the reason, you’re thinking bulk T-shirts.

 High five, mate! You’re about to embark on a T-shirt journey, and I’m here to give you the lowdown—like the secret recipe to making the most bomb-dot-com tee order ever.

T-shirts, my friend, are like the duct tape of the wardrobe world. Great for fam jams, office bashes, those “raise money for a cause” gigs, and hey, they’re even a swanky way to get your brand out there.

 And let’s be real, nothing beats chilling in a rad tee. But when it’s about getting them in bulk, there’s a bit more to it than just clicking “add to cart”.

Feeling the vibe but unsure about the roadmap? No worries! I’m here, your T-shirt Yoda, ready to guide you. Dive in as we unravel the mysteries and the must-knows of the bulk T-shirt universe. 


Before you go clicking that “order” button with wild abandon, let’s sit down, grab a virtual coffee, and chat about a few things you should know.

1. Multiple Sizes

I mean, humans are kinda like snowflakes, right? No two folks are exactly the same. And if you want everyone rockin’ your shirts to feel like a million bucks, you’ve gotta offer up a variety of sizes.

 And, for the love of all things good, don’t play the guessing game. Poll your peeps, check in with your crew, or if you’re feeling extra, snag a sample set to get a feel for the fit.

2. Fewer Colors

Dreaming of a shirt with a bajillion colors? Cool. Just know that every shade you add to that design of yours is kinda like adding extra toppings to your pizza – it’s gonna cost extra. So, sometimes it’s best to channel your inner minimalist and keep things a bit more monochrome.

3. More is Cheaper

So here’s the skinny: buy more, save more. It’s kinda like when you buy those jumbo packs of cookies – cheaper in the long run (although probably not great for the waistline). But with shirts? Totally worth it. Those upfront costs like design fees get spread thin like butter on toast.

4. Samples Available in Store

You know when online shopping just…disappoints? That sweater looked so cute online, but in person, it’s…meh. Don’t let that be your bulk order. If you can swing by a store, or even get your mitts on a sample, do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

5. Sweatshirt Factor

Thinking of an outdoor shindig in the fall or a chilly evening event? Maybe toss in some sweatshirts. Because nothing says “I’ve got you covered” (literally) to your crew like offering something cozy.

Boom! With these pearls of wisdom in your pocket, you’re basically the Yoda of T-shirt ordering. Ready to dive into the deep end? Let’s splash on!

Design Basics: Bringing Your Idea to Life

You’ve got this killer T-shirt idea that’s been naggin’ at ya. An idea so dope, it’ll have folks sportin’ it at every backyard BBQ and Sunday brunch. But, how the heck do you jump from brainwave to wearable wonder?

Step uno: Nail down that mood, buddy. Are we aiming for giggles, nods of appreciation, or straight-up “where’d you get that?” from strangers? That’s your compass in this design jungle.

Now, if you’re in the “I struggle to doodle a smiley” club (no shame, fam), there’s some rad tools out there to have your back. Adobe Illustrator is the top dog, but if you’re countin’ pennies or just testing the waters, Canva’s your jam.

Onto the rainbow side of things – colors! I ain’t just talking “I like red, so boom, red it is!” No, sir. Think about how your chosen palette’s gonna play with the shirt color. We don’t want a clash fest, but a harmonious blend where everything pops and sizzles.

Lastly, clarity is king! A fuzzy, unclear design’s just gonna leave folks puzzled and, trust me, squinty-eyed isn’t a good look on anyone. Crisp, clear, and vibrant should be your mantra.

Phew, that’s a lot to soak up, huh? But think about it: your tee’s about to be the talk of the town, the stuff of legends! And now, with the basics down, it’s time to dive into the world of fabrics and find the perfect canvas for your masterpiece. Let’s roll!

Choosing the Right T-Shirt Material and Style

Hey fam, ever stood in front of your wardrobe thinking, “Cotton or polyester?” Kinda feels like deciding between pizza and tacos on a Friday night, huh? Buckle up, ’cause we’re diving deep into the great fabric showdown!

Cotton? That’s your cozy Sunday morning in bed—pure, snuggly bliss. But heads up, it might play the disappearing act after a couple of washes (yeah, shrinking’s a real thing). 

Polyester, meanwhile, is your trusty gym pal—always ready to sweat it out without getting drenched. If you’re all “why not both?”, then blends are the middle-of-the-road mates you’ve been scouting for.

Now, the style jam. Crew necks are like the golden oldies in your playlist—classic, always on-point. V-necks, though? Think of them as the edgy remixes that give a touch of sass. 

And if you’re plotting for a crisp autumn evening or sun-soaked day at the lido, don’t give the cold shoulder to long sleeves or tanks.

Alright, we’ve unraveled the fabric saga. What’s next on the hitlist? Let’s hustle and find you a supplier who’s in it for the long haul, not just the one-hit wonders.

Finding a Reliable Bulk T-Shirt Supplier

Alright, tee enthusiasts, buckle up! Ever been in a spot where you’ve hyped up this drool-worthy dessert, only to bite into something that tastes like cardboard?

 Devastating, right? That’s what it’s like when you’ve got this mind-blowing design, but you end up with a tee that feels like sandpaper.

In the T-shirt realm, it’s not just about what’s on the outside that counts. Nah, we’re also talking about the fabric, the fit, the feel. And that’s where the supplier steps in, shining brighter than a disco ball!

Step one, slap on your Sherlock Holmes hat. Dive deep into the internet’s abyss, leaving no review unturned. Peek into forums, ask Aunt Karen (she knows everything), or even ping that colleague from two jobs ago who always had the slickest tees. Recommendations? They’re the real MVPs.

And let me drop some truth on ya: samples are the unsung heroes. Would you buy a car without taking it for a spin? Exactly! Get those samples. Stretch them, wash them, dance in them, sleep in them—make sure they’re up to snuff.

One more thing: don’t play the waiting game. If you’ve got a deadline looming, like that company retreat or your cousin Tina’s bachelorette, make sure those shirts are gonna show up in all their glory, right on schedule. 

Lock in those delivery times, and maybe even throw in a little wiggle room for good measure.

Alright, champ! You’re now one step closer to T-shirt greatness. Stay tuned, though, ’cause we’re about to dive deep into the artsy realm of printing. It’s gonna be a wild ride! 

Printing Methods: Which is Right for Your Design?

Alright, mate, let’s dive deep into the T-shirt printing rabbit hole. When you’re picking a printing method, it’s a bit like choosing tunes for karaoke night. Sure, every song is a banger in its own right, but some just feel right depending on your vibe (or vocal range).

Rolling with a large order and a design that’s more straightforward than a slice of white bread? Screen printing’s your jam – it’s the good ol’ “Sweet Caroline” of printing. Gets everyone going and never lets you down.

 But if your design’s got more flair than a 70’s disco, digital printing (DTG) might be your go-to. Picture it as the “Bohemian Rhapsody” – detailed, intricate, and a showstopper.

But hey, what about those lesser-known hits like heat transfers or embroidery? It’s kinda like choosing between “Ice Ice Baby” and “U Can’t Touch This”. Both iconic, but for different moods.

 Heat transfers work wonders when you’re just dabbling and your design has more layers than an onion. Embroidery? Oh, that’s getting into “Smooth Criminal” territory. Sleek, posh, but might leave your pocket feeling a pinch.

So, what’s the gist? Pick the method that feels right with your design masterpiece. There ain’t a universal solution here. Just vibe it out and rock on! 


Well, slap me silly and crown me the T-shirt king! Look at you, riding high, making the T-shirt game look like child’s play. Who would’ve pegged it?

 From crafting a design that’s hotter than a summer’s day to linking up with a supplier steadier than my grandma’s hands when she’s knitting, you’re essentially the T-shirt maestro now.

Remember the days when we felt ordering tees in bulk would be like wrestling a greased pig? Man, were we off! It’s more like nailing that TikTok dance move: tricky at first glance, but once you catch the rhythm and avoid that rogue sock on the floor, you’re golden.

And given all the sneaky pointers from this guide, you’re not just stepping up – you’re slam dunking those tees!

Okay, hotshot, you’ve got the map. You’ve got that swagger. Time to let loose that creative beast inside.

 Rally the troops, crank up those jamming beats (maybe some retro classics or a sprinkle of funky jazz?), and let’s breathe life into those T-shirt daydreams.

 Every time someone rocks one of those shirts, they’ll have that extra pep in their step, all because of you. 

So, crack open that soda (or something bubbly), raise a glass to the T-shirt legacy you’re building, and let’s light this candle! Keep surfing that crest, buddy. T-shirt-ville ain’t seen nothing yet!