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How to Put a Logo on a T-Shirt


October 18, 2023


October 18, 2023


How to Put a Logo on a T-Shirt

Yo, so you wanna slap your kickass logo on a tee, huh? Solid move! Maybe you’re hustlin’ with a new brand, preppin’ for some epic shindig, or just wanna flex your style – whatever it is, a logo tee is a way to spill the beans about who you are. This guide? Think of it as your hype man, here to break down the game of logo-placing so your message doesn’t just land – it sticks and slays.

Now, let’s keep it real. Slappin’ a logo on a tee ain’t as easy as it sounds. It ain’t just about throwin’ it on there; it’s about puttin’ it in the spotlight where it can do its dance, telling its story, and feeling snug and comfy on whoever’s rockin’ it. It’s all about the vibes, the narrative, and the feel – the holy trinity of t-shirt logo placement, you feel me? And yo, we’re here to school you on that. 

Next up, we’re gonna shine a light on the prime real estate on your tee where your logo can pop, lock, and drop it.But yo, pump the brakes for a sec! Before we deep dive into the sea of where-to-put-it, we gotta swing by FAQ Central and the Tips & Tricks hood first. These spots? Consider them your GPS, navigating you away from Lostville and cruising straight into Pro-Tee-Town, population: you. 

We’re handin’ you the 411, the lowdown, and all the pro tips you need for a ride that’s nothing but smooth in the logo-laying game. So, strap in, cuz we’re about to roll deep into the universe of t-shirt logo places! 

Where to Place a Logo on a Shirt?

On the Inner or Outer Neck Label

Starting off for those who like keeping things on the down-low: consider slapping your logo on the neck label, either inside or outside. Going with the inner neck? Smooth move! 

It gives your shirt a slick, pro vibe without being all “Look at me!” Plus, it’s where folks tend to peep for the brand anyway. Now, if you’re feeling a tad more bold, pop a small, tasteful logo on the outer neck area. It’s a low-key yet fly way to show off those minimalist, elegant brand vibes.

On the Pocket or One Side of the Chest

Next up, let’s chat about the pocket or chest area. This spot is a timeless choice, a fave for both the suits and the streetwear crowd. A logo here is like, “Hey, I’m here, but I’m chillin’.” It’s the perfect balance between being seen and playing it cool, fitting for various occasions and vibes effortlessly.

On the Front of the T-Shirt

If your logo’s craving the spotlight, smack it right on the front. It’s like giving your brand the VIP, front-row treatment. Perfect for events where your brand needs to be the main act, making sure it gets all eyes on it. But heads up: this spot demands a logo that’s not only killer but also not too overpowering, complementing rather than taking over the shirt’s overall mojo.

On the Back of the T-Shirt

Flipping to the back now. The back of the tee is your playground, with enough room for your logo to stretch its legs, maybe even throw in some extra design elements or messages. It’s the go-to for a bold statement while keeping the front neat and tidy, like a cool, calm exterior with a surprise party at the back!

On the Sleeve & Integrated Into a Larger Design

And now, for something completely different: the sleeve. A logo here isn’t just unique; it’s like a secret style nod, a wink to those in the know.It adds a bit of spice, making it a fantastic alternative or addition to the usual spots. And if you decide to weave the logo into a larger design, it’s like crafting a visual symphony where the logo’s just one of the players, contributing to a dope, harmonious, and utterly captivating masterpiece.

Before we dip into the FAQs, keep in mind, where you place that logo really hinges on your design goals and the vibe you’re aiming for with the tee. So, think it through and have fun with it!


How Do I Put My Logo on a T-Shirt?

So, you want to get your logo on a t-shirt? Sweet. First off, pick a way to print it. There are a bunch of methods like screen printing, iron-ons, vinyl, and direct-to-garment printing. Each one has its perks and vibes.

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Logo on a Shirt?

Well, the cost of getting your logo on a t-shirt can be all over the place. It depends on a few things: how you decide to print it, the quality of the shirt, how complicated your logo is, and how many shirts you need.If you’re rolling with a big order, screen printing is probably your best bet. But for smaller batches with lots of details, go for DTG or vinyl transfers.

Can I Put a Brand Logo on a T-Shirt?

Nah, you can’t just throw another brand’s logo on a t-shirt without asking. That’s illegal since it breaks copyright and trademark laws. You gotta get permission from the brand first. And don’t think you can slide by using logos without making money off them – it’s still illegal.

Before we dive into Tips and Tricks, know that getting your logo on gear isn’t just a snap of the fingers. It’ll take some cash, time, or elbow grease. But don’t stress. Knowing the ropes and taking it step by step will have you printing tees like a pro in no time.

Tips and Tricks

Ready to turn a plain tee into a masterpiece with your killer logo? Great! But hold your horses, creating a dope shirt isn’t as easy as it seems. You’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty. First things first: materials matter, my friend. Pick a shirt that’s not just cozy but also a canvas worthy of your logo. 

The fabric should be smooth, durable, and something that won’t turn into a fuzzy, faded disaster after a few spins in the wash. This way, your logo stays sharp and vibrant, turning heads for all the right reasons.

Now, let’s rap about that logo of yours. To avoid a sad, blurry situation, you’re gonna need a high-resolution image. Vector formats are clutch here—they stay crisp and clean no matter how much you resize them. And color? Crucial! Choose hues that’ll make your logo jump off the shirt, not ones that make it play a cringey game of hide and seek.

Opting for screen printing? Cool, but keep in mind each color needs its own screen. If you’re looking to save some green, consider limiting the number of colors you use. Fewer colors not only trim down the cost but also make for a slick, streamlined design. Because sometimes, less is more, and simplicity can scream elegance and thoughtfulness.

Before you start printing stacks of shirts, do a trial run. Experiment with the size and placement of the logo until it’s chef’s kiss perfect. Printing a test shirt lets you iron out the kinks, making sure everything is spot-on before you go ham with the mass printing.

And don’t forget to consider the event vibe and the crowd rocking your shirts. For formal or corporate gigs, maybe play it cool with a more understated and professional logo placement. 

But if it’s a laid-back affair or you’re aiming for maximum promo, go loud and proud with that logo! Size and placement can be as subtle or as in-your-face as the occasion calls for.

Crafting a tee that does your logo justice is a mix of art and science, intuition, and planning. With the right combo of fabric, design flair, and logo placement, your t-shirt will not just snag attention but also live to tell the tale through countless wears and washes. So, get creative and happy crafting! 


Alright, so slapping a logo on a tee isn’t just about sticking a picture on some fabric and calling it a day. You’ve got to think – really think – about where that logo is going to go, the quality of the shirt you’re using, and the technique you’ll be employing to get that logo on there. Get it right, and you’ll have a shirt that doesn’t just look good but also shouts out your brand message, loud and clear, whether you’re doing it for the cash or just for the fun of it.

So, we’ve taken a stroll through logo placement town, addressed those burning questions you had, and shared some top-notch tips to ensure you nail the logo printing game.Each nugget of wisdom in this guide is like a stepping stone, leading you to that holy grail – a tee with a perfectly placed logo that you or your brand can flaunt with pride!

Taking the plunge into the t-shirt printing ocean is a thrill, no doubt. With the right know-how and tools tucked into your belt, the journey from idea to awesome printed tee is not just rewarding but downright fun!

 Let this guide be your compass, steering you through the misty seas of t-shirt design towards an island of tees that truly mirror your brand or just your killer personal style. Now go forth and print with gusto! Happy crafting