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The 15 Best Fonts for Laser Engraving


November 9, 2023


November 9, 2023


The 15 Best Fonts for Laser Engraving

Hey, hey, hey, font fanatics and laser etching enthusiasts! Ever found yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, trying to pick the perfect font for your upcoming engraving masterpiece? Oh man, you’re definitely not alone. Picking the right font is like the icing on the cake; it can either make your project an absolute showstopper or a total dud.

You’re in luck! You’ve just hit the jackpot with this ultimate guide showcasing the best of the best when it comes to fonts for laser engraving. We’ve got a mixed bag of treats for you—from timeless classics to contemporary stunners, and even a couple of wild cards for you daredevils out there. Crafting with wood, metal, or plastic? No worries, we’ve got something for everyone.

Okay, no more beating around the bush. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Strap in, because we’re about to turn you into a full-blown font wizard, geared up and ready to tackle any engraving adventure that comes knocking at your door. Let’s roll!

Our 15 Best Fonts for Laser Engraving

1. Aesthet Nova

Step aside folks, because Aesthet Nova is entering the room and trust me, it doesn’t just make an entrance—it sweeps you off your feet. You know how it goes: you walk in and it’s like you’re wearing an invisibility cloak or something. Not with Aesthet Nova! This font has the grace of a classic film star but the flair of someone who knows the Wi-Fi password. We’re talking timeless elegance meets digital age.

2. Alfa Slab

Alfa Slab doesn’t just walk into the spotlight; it dances in, sequins and all. You know that friend who could make an entrance at a funeral? Yeah, that’s Alfa Slab for you. This font is far from shy; it’s a slab serif superstar, showing off its bold and beefy lines like it’s strutting down a fashion show runway.

Got a project that needs to make a big splash? Working on something etched in stone, perhaps? Well, jackpot! Alfa Slab is the bold companion you didn’t know you needed. Trust me, this font is the Hulk of typography—strong, unmissable, and let’s not forget, larger than life.

3. Arial B

Arial B! It’s the peanut butter to your jelly, the perfect companion for pretty much any occasion. Are you chilling on the sofa scrolling through your phone or getting ready to host a grand soirée? Arial B won’t let you down. Designers are absolutely smitten with it, and who could blame ’em? It’s easy on the eyes and as versatile as a little black dress—fits in anywhere, anytime.

So you’re dipping your toes into the world of engraving? Fear not! Arial B’s got you covered like a cozy blanket on a chilly night. It’ll hold your hand as you venture into carving wood, etching metal, or leaving your mark on glass. Trust me, with Arial B in your toolkit, it’s like having a Swiss Army knife that also knows how to throw a great party. It’s a crowd-pleaser that’s bound to make your work pop!

4. Bebas Neue

Ah, Bebas Neue! You know, it’s the cool cat in the world of fonts. Imagine that hip café down the street—you know, the one with the minimalist vibe but oozing with style? Yep, that’s Bebas Neue for ya! Tall, slim, and super modern, this font is a real space-saver. Got a lot to say but not much room? No worries, Bebas Neue’s got your back. It’s your go-to for anything that needs to be sleek, current, and oh-so-chic. Trust me, if your project wants to be in vogue, you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. Bourton Base

Let me tell you about Bourton Base—the maverick of fonts that’s rewriting the rulebook! Forget those plain-Jane typefaces you’ve been using; Bourton Base is here to spice things up. Picture this: you’re working on a whimsical wood sign for a fairy-tale wedding, or perhaps whipping up some killer invites that practically holler, “This party’s gonna be off the hook!” Trust me, Bourton Base is your knight in shining armor.

So, what makes it so darn special? Well, it’s like your uber-creative pal who never fails to jazz up even the most mundane get-together. With a flair that’s borderline script and decorative elements to boot, this font is oozing personality. No kidding, it’s like the John Coltrane of typefaces—playing all the right notes in a sultry, smoky room. From charming doodles to fluid lines, it’s got moves smoother than a buttered-up dance floor.

6. Bungee

Now, there’s a font that knows how to steal the spotlight, right? It’s like the confetti cannon at a New Year’s Eve bash—full of color and pizzazz. Those rounded edges? Well, they’re the icing on the cake, giving it that cozy, approachable vibe. Ideal for materials that are a bit on the softer side, like plastic or foam, you know? So, if you’re aiming to knock people’s socks off, Bungee is your go-to wingman. Trust me, it’s a showstopper!

7. Calistoga

Imagine you’re trying to fit a whole lot of love into a teeny-tiny space—like etching a sweet message on a delicate locket or a pocket-sized keepsake. Well, say hello to Calistoga! Think of it as the cozy studio apartment of the font world. It’s snug, but it packs a punch. You can squeeze in a bunch of words without giving up an ounce of flair or clarity. Yep, Calistoga is the little engine that could be in the realm of fonts!

8. Century Gothic Black

So you’re looking to make a splash, huh? Well, look no further than Century Gothic Black. Trust me, this font isn’t the shy type that blends into the background. Nope, it’s the showstopper, the one that walks into a room and commands attention. With its bold, chunky lines and snazzy geometric flair, it’s perfect for etching onto heavy-duty stuff like metal or glass. Seriously, if you’re aiming to be the talk of the town, Century Gothic Black is your golden ticket. It’s like the font equivalent of a mic drop. Bam!

9. Dancing Script

Ah, Dancing Script! Imagine this font as the life of the party, always ready to bust a move on the dance floor. It’s got this carefree, flowing vibe that just jazzes up anything it touches. Think about it—engraving a heartfelt note on a wooden keepsake box. With Dancing Script, it’s like you’ve whipped out a fancy quill and inked those words in your own stylish handwriting. It’s not just a font; it’s a mood! So, if you’re looking to add a dash of flair and a pinch of playfulness to your project, Dancing Script is your go-to dance partner.

10. Dempster

 Let me tell you about Dempster, the font that means business but knows how to let its hair down. You know those strong, silent types you see in movies? The ones who walk into a room and instantly command attention? Well, Dempster is the font equivalent of that. It’s bold, it’s brash, and it’s impossible to ignore. Seriously, this is the font you’d pick if you were carving words into something as tough as stone or metal.

But hey, don’t let that fool you. Dempster’s got a softer side, too. It’s like wearing a power suit with a playful tie—classy, but with a dash of pizzazz. So, the next time you want your words to do more than just lie flat on the page, give Dempster a spin. Trust me, it’s not just a font; it’s a whole mood.

11. Eveleth Solid

Eveleth Solid! Man, this font is really the cat’s pajamas, like a swingin’ party straight from the 70s. Imagine biting into a gooey, delicious brownie—that warm and fuzzy feeling you get? That’s Eveleth Solid for you. This font has personality oozing out of every curve and corner. Want to sprinkle a dash of yesteryears into your design? Say no more; Eveleth Solid has got you covered. 

It’s not merely a set of characters; it’s an entire mood. Believe me, if you’re aiming for a retro, back-in-the-day kinda vibe, this font is your golden ticket. So, don’t hesitate! Take it for a spin. It’s a fabulous concoction of old-world flair and modern-day utility. Absolutely a heavenly match in the design world.

12. Fineday

Fineday! Now here’s a font that’s like a sip of iced tea on a sizzling afternoon. I mean, it instantly makes you think, “Wow, where has this been all my life?” It’s as light as a feather and as crisp as a fresh apple. Imagine you’re putting together a heartfelt message to engrave on a memorable trinket. Fineday will not just do the job; it’ll make that little gift an heirloom. It’s the icing on the cake, the finishing touch that turns good into extraordinary.

So, whether you’re on a journey to the past or simply looking to add that little something special, Eveleth Solid and Fineday have got your back. And trust me, once you try ’em, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

13. Frankfurter Solid

Frankfurter Solid! Now, that’s a font that’s built to last, just like grandma’s cast-iron skillet. You see, this font is the blue-collar worker of the typography world. It’s not here to win beauty contests; it’s here to get the job done and do it well.

Imagine a brick house standing tall through storms and sunny days alike. That’s Frankfurter Solid for you. It’s the go-to choice for industrial labels, warning signs, and anything else that needs to stick around for the long haul. So, if you’re after something that’s as reliable as your granddad’s old truck, look no further. Frankfurter Solid has got your back.

14. Ganache

This font is the crown jewel, the finishing touch, the cherry on the sundae for any high-class project you’ve got cookin’. Imagine your engraving project is a tuxedo—Ganache is the diamond cufflink. With swoops and swirls, it gives a ritzy vibe that’s just right for dolling up swanky items like a classy piece of jewelry or snazzy home decor. Seriously, if you’re trying to make folks do a double-take, Ganache is your magic wand.

15. Gelica Bold 

Picture this: You’re planning the shindig of the year. The cake’s ready to be sliced, and the balloons are floating in style, but you need that extra oomph. Enter Gelica Bold. This font is the life of the party, the confetti canon at midnight, the “Wow, check that out!” kind of font.

Just imagine slapping Gelica Bold on party favors like koozies. People would be scrambling to take ’em home! And don’t even get me started on photo booth signs. With this font, everyone will be snapping selfies left, right, and center.

But wait, there’s more! Gelica Bold’s not just the belle of the ball. Got a dreary PowerPoint that needs some jazzing up? Boom, Gelica Bold’s got your back. Need a sizzling logo for a trendy brand? Hello, Gelica Bold is your go-to sparkler.


Alright, listen up! So there you have it, our ultimate list of 15 fonts that’ll make your laser engravings pop. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the water or you’re an old hand at this, we’ve got the goods for you. From the timeless elegance of Aesthet Nova to the in-your-face boldness of Alfa Slab, we’ve left no stone unturned.

But wait, there’s more! Picking a font isn’t just about looking good. Nah, you’ve got to think about how that font plays nice with your chosen material, how easy it is on the eyes, and, of course, the overall mojo it brings to the table. So don’t rush it—take a beat, mix and match, and most of all, let your creativity run wild!

Thanks a bunch for hanging out with us! We’re thrilled to bits that you found this guide useful. Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, make your mark—literally! Cheers to your engraving adventures!