Top 12 Sites To Find Online Graphic Design Jobs


November 29, 2023


December 29, 2023


Top 12 Sites To Find Online Graphic Design Jobs

So you’re gunning for a gig in graphic design, and you’re ready to dive into the digital deep end. Think of it like hunting for buried treasure, except instead of a shovel, you’ve got your slick design skills, and instead of a map, you’ve got the wild web as your guide. The cool thing is, whether you’re the hotshot of the design world or just getting your feet wet, there’s a whole ocean of opportunities waiting out there, and yep, you guessed it—the booty could be just a click away.

So, what’s the game plan? First up, you’ve gotta know the lay of the land—or in this case, the digital landscape. It’s not enough to just be a wizard with visuals; you’ve gotta strut your stuff where it counts. Picture the internet as a bunch of islands, each with its own hidden treasures. Some islands are chock-full of gigs just waiting for someone with your mad skills.

Let’s cut through the jungle of job boards and figure out how to plant your flag firmly in the world of online graphic design jobs. We’re talking about jazzing up that portfolio till it shines like a diamond, getting your name buzzing in all the right virtual hangouts, and basically steering your ship like the savvy web-sailor you are. Ready to set sail? Let’s get that treasure, matey!

How to Get Design Jobs as a Graphic Designer?

1. Create Your Portfolio

So, you wanna be a player in the graphic design big leagues, huh? Well, strap in and listen up. Your portfolio? That’s not just a bunch of pictures and projects; that’s your Willy Wonka golden ticket, your all-access pass to the show. It’s the thing that’s gonna make clients stop, drop, and roll right into your inbox. 

But here’s the kicker: you gotta think quality over quantity. That portfolio should be like your greatest hits album – only the bangers that’ll make people sit up and take notice. It’s not just about showing off the pretty pictures; it’s about weaving a narrative, your narrative. Every piece should scream ‘you’ from the rooftops, telling the tale of who you are as a designer, what makes you tick, and the magic you can bring to the table.

2. Set Up A Freelance Account

Now, let’s talk about setting up shop in the digital bazaar of freelance graphic design. Picture this: your freelance account on those big-shot online platforms? That’s your front window display, your neon ‘Open for Business’ sign. You want to roll out the red carpet right there because, let’s face it, that’s where the party starts.

Clients are roaming these virtual streets, peeking into shop windows, and you gotta make sure yours is the one they walk into. Get yourself all set up on the go-to freelance sites – you know the ones. Dress up your profile real nice, make it snazzy, and watch as the opportunities start knocking. It’s all about laying out the welcome mat and making sure it leads straight to your awesomeness.

3. Apply For Design Jobs Regularly

You gotta play to win, right? Well, snagging the dream design gig is kinda like entering the lottery—you can’t hit the jackpot if you don’t buy a ticket. So, keep throwing your hat in the ring for those design jobs. 

Toss out those applications like you’re feeding birds at the park. Mix it up, keep it fresh, and make sure your resume and portfolio are as snazzy as your design skills. Every job you go for is another roll of the dice, another chance to land a gig that fits you like your favorite pair of jeans. And hey, make sure your applications are as sharp as your designs. Tailor them to what the job’s shouting for, and soon enough, you’ll be the one calling the shots.

4. Promote Your Design Skills On Social Media

Let’s spill the tea on social media—it’s not just for sharing epic food pics or sliding into DMs. It’s a gold mine for getting your design hustle on the radar. Throw your designs up on the ‘Gram, LinkedIn, Twitter—you name it. 

Get your work out there where the eyes are. And don’t just post and ghost. Engage, chat, and schmooze it up with your fellow design buffs and potential clients. Use those hashtags, flaunt your latest projects, and let your personality shine. You’re not just selling your skills; you’re building your tribe. So, get those followers double-tapping not just on your doggo’s cute snaps but on your slick, professional design work that’s worth their weight in likes.

Here Are The Top 12 Places To Find Online Graphic Design Jobs

1. Designhill

Picture this: you’re chilling at your favorite coffee shop, your laptop open to a world of design gigs just waiting for your magic touch. That’s Designhill for you – an artsy playground where your creative brain can run wild, crafting logos, whipping up websites, and packaging cool products. It’s like being handed the keys to the design kingdom. You get to pick what excites you, and boom, you’re off to make someone’s brand look killer.

And the best part? You’re not just throwing your work into the void, hoping someone digs it. Nope, at Designhill, clients are actually scouting for someone with your exact vibe to jazz up their projects. It’s like being the popular kid in the art class, and everyone’s vying for your attention. So, slap on your designer hat and start making the digital canvas your playground!

2. SiplyHired

Now, let’s talk SimplyHired. This place is like the Swiss Army knife of job hunting – it’s got all the tools you need in one neat package. Imagine a treasure trove of graphic design gigs, from the big leagues to the up-and-comers, all stacked up in one spot. The interface? Smooth as butter. Navigating through job listings is as easy as scrolling through your feed, finding your next big break.

We’re not just talking about a few stray gigs here and there. SimplyHired pulls in the motherlode from all corners of the web, giving you the lowdown on a boatload of opportunities. It’s like walking into a job buffet and filling your plate with the tastiest offers. Whether you’re a newbie to the game or a seasoned pro, SimplyHired is where you start your hunt, and with a bit of luck and a lot of skill, it’s also where you’ll land your dream gig.

3. Krop

Krop is like that ultra-cool art gallery where all the creatives hang out, but for your career. It’s not just some dusty old job board; it’s a slick online space where you can strut your stuff and show off your killer portfolio. It’s pretty much a designer’s dream gig-finder. You can slide into Krop’s DMs with your digital masterpieces and let potential employers gawk at your talent. And the best part? You might just land a gig that’s as unique as your designs. So, if you’re ready to get your work out there and rub elbows with some of the best names in the biz, Krop’s your jam.

4. Peopleperhour

Now, let’s gab about Peopleperhour. It’s not your average, run-of-the-mill freelancing gig. Nope, this place is all about making your life as a designer a whole lot easier. You’ve got skills to sell, and Peopleperhour helps you bundle them up like the perfect gift box of services. You set up shop with your own custom packages, so clients can pick what they fancy, and you know exactly what you’re diving into—no surprises. Think of it like a menu at your favorite café, but instead of coffee and cakes, you’re dishing out logos, web designs, and whatever creative magic you’ve got up your sleeve. Clients dig it because they get the lowdown on what they’re shelling out their dough for, and you’ll love it because it spells out your payday without the haggle hassle. Win-win? You bet!

5. Fiverr

Fiverr’s the go-to spot if you’re all about that gig life and ready to kick off your freelance hustle. It’s a digital playground where designers can strut their stuff, from whipping up snazzy logos to cooking up full-blown brand makeovers. Whether you’re a newbie getting your feet wet or a seasoned pro, Fiverr’s got room for all. It’s like an open mic night for design buffs, where you can show off your chops, reel in some clients, and start filling up that piggy bank.

Dive into Fiverr and you’ll find it’s as easy as pie to set up shop. You’ve got control over what gigs to pitch, how to price ’em, and the kind of brand vibe you want to be known for. Plus, there’s always a buzz of buyers scrolling around, which means your next big break could be just a click away. So, roll up your sleeves, polish your portfolio, and jump on the Fiverr bandwagon—there’s a seat waiting with your name on it.

6. Toptal

Then there’s Toptal, where the high rollers play. Picture this: it’s like an exclusive club for the crème de la crème of freelancers, where only the top 3% get to mingle. If you’ve got game and your design skills are sharper than a tack, Toptal’s the place to be. They’re all about hooking up the hotshots of the design world with gigs that are as premium as a double-shot, vanilla bean, macchiato.

Landing a spot on Toptal is like getting a backstage pass to the big leagues. You’ll be rubbing elbows with the best of the best, working on projects that are as exciting as a roller coaster ride. But remember, it’s not just about having a killer portfolio; you’ve got to ace their vetting process too. Get ready to show ’em what you’re made of, and if you make the cut, the payoff is sweet. Top-tier clients, top-dollar projects, and a rep as a top-notch designer. Sounds like a triple win, doesn’t it?

7. Upwork

Upwork is pretty much the big leagues for freelancers. Imagine a bustling digital marketplace, brimming with gigs for graphic designers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re just cutting your teeth or you’ve been in the game for ages, Upwork’s got something for you. It’s like walking into a job fair where every booth has a “Graphic Designers Wanted” sign. 

You set up shop with a killer profile, throw your best pitches, and voilà – you’re in business. And let’s not forget the global reach. You could be designing a logo for someone in Timbuktu one day and a website for another in Kalamazoo the next. The diversity of projects is as vast as the internet itself, which means there’s always something fresh and exciting to work on.

8. Freelancer

Now, swing over to Freelancer. It’s another heavyweight in the freelance ring, not unlike Upwork. Picture a worldwide talent show where graphic designers strut their stuff, and everyone’s vying for the spotlight. The gigs here come from all corners of the globe, offering you a slice of the freelancing action, no matter where you hang your hat. 

You’re the boss, picking projects that tickle your fancy and bidding on jobs that get your creative juices flowing. Whether it’s a startup looking for some branding magic or an established business wanting to jazz up their online presence, Freelancer is the place where your graphic design skills can shine and your professional network can grow bigger than a high-resolution bitmap.

9. Guru

So, you’ve got chops in the design world, and you’re not just playing around — you’re all about that pro life. Enter Guru. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill gig spot. Nope, it’s where the seasoned pros hang out, ready to match their killer skills with clients who mean business. Think of it as the fine dining of job platforms; you need to bring your A-game because the clients here are looking for the crème de la crème. You’ll need to strut your stuff, show off that polished portfolio, and let ’em know you’re the real deal.

Here’s the kicker — because Guru’s all about top-notch work, you’re likely to land gigs that aren’t just one-off jobs but the start of long-term collabs. We’re talking about relationships that can level up your career and keep your creative juices flowing and your bank account growing. So if you’re ready to play in the big leagues, Guru’s the playing field you need to be on.

10. Craigslist

Alright, hear me out — Craigslist. I know, I know, it’s got this rep as the online yard sale where you might snag an old couch, but it’s actually a treasure trove for graphic design gigs. Seriously, it’s like stumbling upon that hidden gem of a thrift shop with vintage tees for days. If you’re fresh on the freelance scene or you’re just looking to scoop up some local work, Craigslist might just be your golden ticket.

The beauty of Craigslist is in its simplicity and reach. Whether you’re keen to work with local businesses in your city or you’re up for remote work that lets you design in your PJs, Craigslist has got you covered. It’s the perfect playground for rookies to get their feet wet and for savvy vets to snag those under-the-radar projects. Just remember, while it’s a more casual scene, you still gotta bring your best pitch and keep your scam radar on high alert. But get it right, and you could be raking in projects faster than you can say “side hustle.”

11. Behance

This isn’t just some digital art gallery where you can strut your stuff—it’s Adobe’s own playground for creatives. And let me tell ya, it’s a sweet spot to drop your digital portfolio and have it ogled over by the right crowd. But hey, it’s not all show and no go; Behance is also a hotbed for gig hunting. Design gigs on Behance are like hidden gems, exclusive to the platform, which means not everyone’s clambering over them. It’s the digital equivalent of an insiders’ club where the password is your killer portfolio.

But Behance isn’t just about landing a job; it’s about rubbing elbows with other creatives. You can pick up inspiration, leave feedback, and if you play your cards right, collaborations might just fall into your lap. It’s a give-and-take community where your work does the heavy lifting, and your network expands faster than a viral meme. So if you’ve got some slick Adobe skills, Behance is where you can let them loose and let the world take notice.

12. AwesomeWeb

Think of it as the new kid on the block that’s making waves. It’s fresh, it’s hip, and it’s where the cool cats, both designers and clients, are heading to for custom, top-notch design work. If you’ve got a knack for creating bespoke designs that scream ‘one-of-a-kind,’ then AwesomeWeb is your kind of haunt. It’s where quality trumps quantity, and your unique style won’t just blend into the background—it’ll shine.

AwesomeWeb’s name pretty much tells you what to expect—awesome work, awesome talent, and, well, an awesome way to get your name out there. It’s less about who you know and more about what you can do with that wild imagination of yours. And the clients? They’re not just looking for run-of-the-mill; they want designers who can turn their wildest design fantasies into reality. So, if you’re ready to have your work plastered across the web in all its glory, AwesomeWeb’s waiting to show you off.


Alright, let’s take a crack at this – diving into the online job hunt for graphic design gigs is kinda like surfing. You’ve gotta be ready to ride the big waves and keep your balance on a board that’s always moving. The trick is to not just hang out on one beach. Spread yourself out! Hit up a bunch of those killer job sites because the more you’re out there, the better your chances of snagging a gig that’s as satisfying as nailing the perfect wave.

The world of digital art and design? Man, it’s always on the move, and so are the chances to show off what you’ve got and rake in some dough doing what you love. The spots we’ve scoped out? They’re cool, but they’re just the beginning. There’s a whole ocean of opportunities waiting for someone with the right mix of chops, grit, and a killer portfolio.

So, slap on your wetsuit, grab your board, and paddle out to these rad job sites. Keep your eyes peeled and your mouse clicking, ’cause who knows? That dream job might just be a few strokes away. Time to make some waves in the design world, buddy. Go get ’em and have a blast creating!